How to Find a Good Apartment in Long Beach


If you’d like to rent an apartment in Long Beach, CA, you have a lot to look forward to. Whether you’re artistically inclined or a suit-donning businessman, you’ll find something to enjoy. You can go for a brisk run on one of the many paths or trails, or relax at a pub downtown. Many of the city’s residents enjoy the diverse and interesting population. You can spend ages exploring the city’s assortment of different neighborhoods. Long Beach is one of the most populous cities in the area, but If you prefer a small-town feel, you can likely find that too — just pick your neighborhood carefully.

What Are the Rent Prices Like?

The rent in this city isn’t terribly high, but it’s not extremely cheap either. As a whole, SoCal has witnessed fairly large increases in its Long Beach Townhomes For Rent prices lately. This can be disconcerting for some residents, who may find it increasingly hard to find a place, or who may have to pay a larger percentage of their income than they are comfortable with. All of that said, the situation is still nowhere near the level of nearby cities like Los Angeles or Irvine.

Three of Long Beach’s Best Neighborhoods

An excellent area to consider is Naples, found on the islands in Alamitos Bay. This is your place if you’re looking for an almost crime-free living space and educated neighbors. Its system of canals brings to mind Venice, giving the place a European charm. Take a trip to Marine Park if you’re in the mood for a picnic or just want to relax. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best Apartments for rent by checking out the post at

Similarly educated and crime-free is the artsy East Village. This makes it a safe and inviting place to call home. On top of being known for its artistic leanings, the East Village also contains some of the best nightlife in Long Beach. Furthermore, those who like to shop will find much to enjoy in the East Village. In particular, you’ll find elegant antique shops, designer jeans, and other products that are likely to appeal to an artistic crowd.

Finally, let’s consider Belmont Shore, which features a lifestyle very typical for SoCal. The well-trafficked 2nd Street is one of the main thoroughfares in this area. Belmont Shore contains over 10 blocks, and its streets are packed with pubs, specialty outlets, elegant cafes, and unique restaurants. The Shore has a respectable nightlife scene of its own, centered around 2nd Street. As the evening rolls on, the street becomes more and more animated. Of course, during the day you might take a swim in the bay or even take a ride in one of the many gondolas.

With a bit of research, you’re sure to find the right Rent Apartment In Long Beach CA.


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